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We will help you find the perfect talent!
Quote90% of directing is casting

Casting is unquestionably one of the most critical aspects of a good film project. Do not ever settle for good when you can get the best talents from our databank. If you are a film production company looking for casting for a new project, share your script synopsis, character narrative, proposed locations and the projected budget. We will scour across our rich directory and present to you the most appealing talent for any role.


First impression matters!

QuoteYou never get a second chance to make the first impression

All your casting directors, directors, writers and producers need are the headshots and a snippet of your acting capabilities put together. Profiling is crucial for an aspiring actor to put his talent on display and for a seasoned actor to reinvent his acting capabilities. Our industry tie-ups will help you get your profiling done as per the professional standards. Opt for our professional profiling service, feel like a professional already!


Interested, but new to this? Worry not!

QuoteThere are two types of actors; those who say they don’t want to be famous and those who are liars

When you are new to a field, you are naturally sceptical about your talent and your worth. The biggest hindrance is where your loved ones’ advice you to not give up on your day job! Acting could be a burning passion for a few but a dabbling interest for a few others. But every industry needs an organised activity to impart information and improve the recipient’s performance or help him attain the expected skills. When you come here as an open book, we handhold you and help you achieve your dreams through our systematic training modules. Get trained under the industry experts and learn to respect acting the right way.


Step up your game

QuoteBe so good that they can’t ignore you

We believe there are two kinds of actors, ones that are ‘Born’ and the ones that are ‘Made’. At every phase, every kind of actor needs to hone his/her skills to push the envelope and realise your latent potential. We have collaborated with the best in the industry to mentor the actors and help them explore, incorporate the various nuances of acting and open up their minds to fresh perspectives on art.